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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN678896     4-amino-5-chloro-N-[(3S,4R)- 1-[3-(4...

Synonyms: FT-0666150, AC1L3UD2, 102671-04-5
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High impact information on Norcisapride

  • Both linear and nonlinear regression analyses were used to examine the association between the apparent plasma clearance of midazolam and cisapride and the cisapride/norcisapride plasma concentration ratios [1].
  • The time to reach maximum concentration after drug administration (t(max)) and the apparent elimination half-life (t((1/2)) for cisapride and the pharmacokinetics of norcisapride were not altered [2].
  • One subject had a doubling in cisapride AUC and C(max) and a decrease in norcisapride/cisapride ratios with red wine and also had the largest interaction with grapefruit juice [2].
  • Of 10 recombinant human P450s tested, CYP3A4 catalyzed the formation of NORCIS, 3-F-4-OHCIS, and 4-F-2-OHCIS from each enantiomer and racemic cisapride (15 microM) with the highest specific activity (Km values close to those in HLMs) [3].
  • The kinetics for the formation of NORCIS from (-)-cisapride (Km = 11.9 +/- 4.8 microM; Vmax = 203 +/- 167 pmol/min/mg of protein) or (+)-cisapride (Km = 18.5 +/- 4.7 microM; Vmax = 364 +/- 284 pmol/min/mg of protein) in HLMs exhibited simple Michaelis-Menten kinetics, while a sigmoidal model characterized those of 3-F-4-OHCIS and 4-F-2-OHCIS [3].

Biological context of Norcisapride


Associations of Norcisapride with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Norcisapride

  • The formation rate of each metabolite from each enantiomer (20 microM) in 18 HLMs was highly variable (e.g., NORCIS, >35-fold) and correlated with the activity of CYP3A (r = 0.6-0.85; p < 0.05) [3].
  • Identification of the human cytochrome P450 (P450) enzymes involved in the metabolism of cisapride and racemic norcisapride [(+/-)-norcisapride] was investigated at 0.1 and 1 microM, concentrations that span the mean plasma C(max) for cisapride [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Norcisapride


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