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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL60796     4-[2-[4-[[1-[(4- fluorophenyl)methyl]benzoi...

Synonyms: AG-G-92001, SureCN1152697, CHEBI:191240, CTK8G2140, DNC000539, ...
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Disease relevance of Desmethylastemizole


High impact information on Desmethylastemizole


Chemical compound and disease context of Desmethylastemizole

  • We report the clinical observation of QT prolongation and torsade de pointes in a patient with undetectable serum concentrations of astemizole (< 0.5 ng/ml) and "therapeutic" concentrations of desmethylastemizole (up to 7.7 ng/ml or 17.3 nmol/liter) [1].

Anatomical context of Desmethylastemizole


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