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Chemical Compound Review

Oxyper     tetrasodium hydrogen peroxide dicarbonate

Synonyms: Perdox, AC1L4MFT, LS-51985, FT-0688134, W3396, ...
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Disease relevance of Oxyper


High impact information on Oxyper

  • METHODS: 50 adults were randomized to Crest Night Effects, a 19% sodium percarbonate gel that dries to form an adherent film, or a placebo gel without any peroxide source [2].
  • PURPOSE: To evaluate the hydrogen peroxide (HP) degradation kinetics of a 19% sodium percarbonate (5.3% HP released) direct application bleaching gel on the tooth surface and in saliva during use [3].
  • PURPOSE: To examine the effects of a paint-on 19% sodium percarbonate 'overnight' bleaching gel on the structure and integrity of enamel, dentin and some common restorative materials, with a laboratory cycling model [4].
  • METHODS: 57 adult volunteers were randomly assigned to Crest Night Effects, a 19% sodium percarbonate system packaged in unit dose sachets that when applied, dries to form an adherent film, or Colgate Simply White Night, a paint-on liquid in an applicator bottle at a concentration of 8.7% hydrogen peroxide [5].
  • Bleaching effect of sodium percarbonate on discolored pulpless teeth in vitro [1].


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