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Chemical Compound Review

Pentanol-2     pentan-2-ol

Synonyms: PubChem6719, Pentan-2-ol, Pentanol, sec-, CHEMBL45065, P8017_ALDRICH, ...
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High impact information on pentan-2-ol

  • The kinetics of the production of the two major microsomal metabolites has been determined as Km = 56 +/- 19 microM and Vmax = 126 +/- 21 pmol/min/mg microsomal protein for the 2-pentanol analog, and Km = 28 +/- 0.28 microM and Vmax = 195 +/- 2.4 pmol/min/mg microsomal protein for the 3-pentanol analog [1].
  • Enzymatic resolution of racemic 2-pentanol and 2-heptanol by lipase B from Candida antarctica was demonstrated [2].
  • We applied enantiomers of two chiral anesthetic alcohols (2-butanol and 2-pentanol) that are enantioselective for the minimum alveolar concentration (MAC) preventing movement in 50% of animals and one (2-hexanol) that was not to frog oocytes [3].
  • The method was validated according to the Washington Consensus Conference on the Validation of Analytical Methods. It involved extraction of the plasma with n-hexane containing 2-pentanol, followed by reversed-phase HPLC using a Partisil ODS2 10 microns column and UV detection at 265 nm [4].


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