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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL181880     hexafluoroarsenic

Synonyms: CHEBI:403350, AC1L2MIB, hexafluoroarsenate, hexafluoroarsenic(1-), hexafluoroarsenate(1-), ...
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Disease relevance of hexafluoroarsenic


High impact information on hexafluoroarsenic

  • Lattice potential energies of the hexafluoroarsenate salts of the latter cations were estimated showing that S8(AsF6)2 [Se8(AsF6)2] is lattice stabilized in the solid state relative to the corresponding AsF6- salts of the stoichiometrically possible dissociation products by at least 116 [204] kJ/mol [2].
  • We have developed methods to accomplish this by injecting the volume marker ion hexafluoroarsenate (AsF6) into endolymph by iontophoresis [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of hexafluoroarsenic

  • The other two niobocene compounds with hexafluoroarsenate (AsF6-) and hexafluoroantimonate (SbF6-) as anions and the molybdenocene derivative [(C5H5)2MoCl2]2+[SbF6]2- effected a maximal cure rate of 100% and increases in life span of 346%, 376%, and 332%, respectively, determined on the key date, i.e., on day 90 after transplantation [4].


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