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  • Moreover, local application of glycine and its antagonist strychnine by iontophoresis (through glass pipette electrodes, by means of an electric current) revealed that precisely timed glycine-controlled inhibition is a critical part of the mechanism by which the physiologically relevant range of ITDs is encoded in the MSO [8].
  • We report here that in a bursting molluscan neurone, intracellular iontophoresis of cyclic AMP under voltage clamp elicits an inward current of maximal amplitude in the pacemaker voltage region [9].
  • Quantification of noradrenaline iontophoresis [10].
  • In the present study, iontophoresis of acetylcholine adjacent to single hamster cheek pouch arterioles in situ (diameter, 20 to 37 micrometers) induced a rapid bidirectional dilation that was not attenuated when blood flow was eliminated with vascular occlusion [11].
  • In the neurons of Aplysia californica pentylenetetrazole (2 millimolar) greatly reduced chloride-dependent responses to the iontophoresis of putative transmitters [12].

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