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Chemical Compound Review

Furfurylamine     2-furylmethanamine

Synonyms: PubChem6967, SureCN43101, F20009_ALDRICH, USAF Q-1, ACMC-20aj1o, ...
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High impact information on alpha-Furfurylamine

  • TOGE-2 treatment clearly activates resistance against both pathogens and improves the protective effect previously shown by FGA mixture (adipic acid monoethyl ester, 1,2,3,4-tetra-O-acetyl-beta- D-glucopyranose and furfurylamine) [V. Flors et al. (2001) J Agric Food Chem 49:2569-2575] [1].
  • The synthesis in excellent yields of 1-acyl-3-furfuryl-1-phenylthioureas 2 by reacting at t less than or equal to 10 degrees C 3-furfuryl-1-phenylthiourea 1, prepared in situ from furfurylamine and phenyl isothiocyanate, with aromatic or heterocyclic acyl chlorides in pyridine solution is described [2].


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  2. 1-Acyl-, 3-acyl- and 1,3-diacyl-3-furfuryl-1-phenylthioureas with platelet antiaggregating and other activities. Ranise, A., Bondavalli, F., Bruno, O., Schenone, S., Donnoli, D., Parrillo, C., Cenicola, M.L., Rossi, F. Farmaco (1991) [Pubmed]
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