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Chemical Compound Review

Tyroderm     3-[ (3R,6S,9S,12S,15S,17S,20S,22R, 25S,28S)...

Synonyms: Coltirot, Tyrozets, Martricin, Triciderm, Tyrosur, ...
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Disease relevance of tyrothricin


High impact information on tyrothricin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of tyrothricin

  • A rapid, sensitive, and accurate reversed-phase HPLC method has been developed for the analysis and quantification of pharmaceutical formulations containing tyrothricin (1), an antibiotic used in antiseptic buccal compressed tablets for local application [4].
  • The lozenge containing 10 mg tyrothricin was the most effective and was the only formulation capable of reducing oral aerobic bacterial counts by a factor of approximately 100 [5].
  • Salivary levels and total salivary recovery of gramicidin were determined by high performance liquid chromatography in healthy volunteers after administration of a tyrothricin lozenge and a tyrothricin gargle/mouth-wash [6].


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