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Chemical Compound Review

Ethoform     ethyl 4-aminobenzoate

Synonyms: Bensokain, Americaine, Anesthesin, Hurricaine, benzocaine, ...
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Disease relevance of Ethyl aminobenzoate


High impact information on Ethyl aminobenzoate

  • The differences in lipid solubility and molecular weight between lidocaine and benzocaine may explain the differences in their use-dependent blocking effects on sodium current [6].
  • We compared the blocking effects of the local anesthetics, lidocaine and benzocaine, on the sodium current, using single rat ventricular cells to obtain further information about the voltage dependence and kinetics of local anesthetic interaction with cardiac sodium channels [6].
  • In ventricular muscle, procaine often shifted the plateau to a more positive value and increased the force of contraction, whereas benzocaine shortened the action potential and decreased contractile force [7].
  • Under the same conditions in Purkinje fibers, procaine increased contractile force and benzocaine decreased it (but less than in the absence of TTX) [7].
  • Mutations of the PQIVID sequence of TRESK to PQIVIA, PQIVAD, or PQAVAD increasingly deteriorated the calcium-dependent activation in the listed order and correspondingly reduced the benzocaine sensitivity (a property discriminating activated channels from resting ones), when it was measured after the calcium signal in Xenopus oocytes [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ethyl aminobenzoate


Biological context of Ethyl aminobenzoate


Anatomical context of Ethyl aminobenzoate


Associations of Ethyl aminobenzoate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Ethyl aminobenzoate

  • Of these markers, CD86 proved to be the most reliable since it detected all sensitizers, including benzocaine, a classical false negative in local lymph node assay (LLNA) but not irritants [27].
  • Benzocaine gave less weight loss than PPA (P less than 0.05 ANOVA) [3].
  • Putative binding sites for benzocaine on a human cardiac cloned channel (Kv1.5) [28].
  • The neutral local anaesthetic benzocaine, applied externally at a concentration in the bathing solution of 1 mM, had effects very similar to RAD 366 [29].
  • Duodenal but not jejunal benzocaine attenuated the effect of lipid on gastric volume, plasma CCK, and nausea during distension (135 +/- 38 and 216 +/- 40 ml, 4.6 +/- 0.6 pmol/l and not assessed, and 37 +/- 12 and 64 +/- 21 for lipid + duodenal benzocaine and lipid + jejunal benzocaine, respectively) and on pressures for sensations [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ethyl aminobenzoate


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