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Chemical Compound Review

Canophyllol     (4R,4aS,6aS,6bR,8aR,14aS)- 8a...

Synonyms: AC1LAJU4, AG-K-52050, CTK7J6923
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Disease relevance of AIDS-060363

  • In contrast, other isolated compounds such as apetalic acid, isoapetalic acid, a structural isomer of isoapetalic acid, friedelin, canophyllol and amentoflavone were devoid of HIV-1 RT inhibitory activity [1].

High impact information on AIDS-060363

  • In this series, lupeol, ursolic acid and canophyllol showed marked HLE inhibitory activity with IC(50) values at 1.9 microM, 4.4 microM, and 2.5 microM, respectively [2].
  • Twigs of Calophyllum cordato-oblongum have been shown to contain a new pyranocoumarin, the methyl ether of cordatolide B, three reported pyranocoumarins, cordato-oblongic acid, friedelin, canophyllol and taraxerol [3].


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