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Chemical Compound Review

ONO-AE2-227     2-[[2-(2-naphthalen-1- ylpropanoylamino)phe...

Synonyms: SureCN5351322, AC1NSK9N
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Disease relevance of ONO-AE2-227

  • ONO-AE2-227 at a dose of 400 ppm reduced the formation of ACFs to 67% of the control level, and intestinal polyp numbers in Min mice receiving 300 ppm were decreased to 69% of the control level [1].
  • The mean area of polyps found in the intestine, calculated as the longer diameter x the shorter diameter x pi, was reduced by 12%, 43% (P < 0.01) and 56% (P < 0.01) of the mean control value (8.8 mm(2)) in the ONO-8711 alone, ONO-AE2-227 alone and combination treatment groups, respectively, suggesting clear additive effects of the combination [2].

High impact information on ONO-AE2-227


Chemical compound and disease context of ONO-AE2-227

  • To confirm these results, we also examined the inhibitory effects of an EP(4)-selective antagonist, ONO-AE2-227, in the diet on the formation of AOM-induced colon ACFs in C57BL/6Cr mice and on the development of intestinal polyps in Min mice [1].


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