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Chemical Compound Review

AC1NUTGS     hypobromous acid

Synonyms: CHEBI:29876, FT-0634842
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High impact information on hypobromous acid

  • The relationship between ozone and GEM is further investigated in this paper using basic reaction kinetics (i.e., Cl, ClO, Br, and BrO have been suggested as reactants for GEM) [1].
  • We report the first experimental product study of BrO-initiated oxidation of elemental mercury at atmospheric pressure of ca. 0.987 bar and T= 296+/-2 K [2].
  • We find that above the O((1)D(2)) threshold the contribution of the direct excitation to states other than the A (2)Pi(32) state and the role of curve crossing is considerably larger in BrO compared to that observed for ClO, in agreement with recent theoretical studies [3].


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