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Atmospheric Pressure

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Disease relevance of Atmospheric Pressure


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Chemical compound and disease context of Atmospheric Pressure


Biological context of Atmospheric Pressure


Anatomical context of Atmospheric Pressure


Associations of Atmospheric Pressure with chemical compounds

  • Contrary to complex 9, at atmospheric pressure the complex [4-CH(3)-C(6)H(4)C(NTMS)(2)](2)TiMe(2) (10) is not active either in CH(2)Cl(2) or in toluene [23].
  • Adsorption of carbon monoxide on Ni(110) above atmospheric pressure investigated with surface X-ray diffraction [24].
  • Different gaseous bubbles, i.e., helium, nitrogen, and krypton, were introduced in air at atmospheric pressure in order to study the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability in the spherical geometry for negative, close to zero, and positive initial density jumps across the interface [25].
  • When the complex [4-CH(3)-C(6)H(4)C(NTMS)(2)](2)ZrMe(2) (9) was activated with MAO, it was found to be a good catalyst for the polymerization of propylene, at atmospheric pressure, producing an oily polymer resembling an atactic polypropylene [23].
  • Relative amounts of H4 and H1 mRNA were determined at atmospheric pressure and following treatment with actinomycin D (10 micrograms ml-1), pressure (4.14 x 10(4) kPa) and a combination of pressure and actinomycin D [26].

Gene context of Atmospheric Pressure

  • H2O for 7 hours in serum-free DMEM resulted in a time dependent decrease in MMP-1, 2 and 9 activity (15%, 37% and 25%) compared to controls maintained at atmospheric pressure (p <0.01) [27].
  • Oxygenation of 3-HETE by COX-2 produced a novel cascade of 3-hydroxyeicosanoids, as identified with EI (electron impact)-GC-MS, LC-MS-ES (electrospray) and LC-MS-API (atmospheric pressure ionization) methods [28].
  • On the other hand, the expression of cydC was strongly depressed under the condition of atmospheric pressure compared with the case under high pressure [29].
  • We studied the effects of pharmacologically attainable concentrations of interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) and gamma (IFN-gamma) on the growth of cells incubated under hypoxic conditions (2% O2; approximately 14 mm Hg partial pressure) or exposed to oxygen at atmospheric pressure (21% O2; approximately 147 mm Hg) [30].
  • Flow-injection analysis-mass spectrometry (FIA-MS) with an atmospheric pressure ionization (API) and an ionspray (ISP) interface showed a mass spectrum dominated by the protonated molecule, [M+H]+, at m/z 805 for DTX-2B, thus indicating that this new toxin has the same mol.wt as okadaic acid and DTX-2 [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Atmospheric Pressure


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