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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL16997     (E)-3-[4-(2,6-dioxo-1,3- dipropyl-7H-purin...

Synonyms: BW-A1433, SureCN6555021, BWA1433, CHEBI:118691, AC1O5QYB, ...
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Disease relevance of BW-A1433

  • In addition, BW-A1433 shortened the Wenckebach cycle length from 163 +/- 2 to 153 +/- 2 during normoxia and from 172 +/- 3 to 164 +/- 4 during mild hypoxia [1].
  • The adenosine receptor antagonist BW-A1433 (50 microM) decreased functional recovery following ischemia in A(3)AR(-/-) but not in wild-type hearts [2].

High impact information on BW-A1433


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