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Chemical Compound Review

AG-E-36837     1-(butoxy-(2,2- dichloroethenoxy)phosphoryl...

Synonyms: CTK4D9668, LS-107617, BRN 1712889, AC1L3EF0, AI3-20756, ...
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Disease relevance of AI3-20756


High impact information on AI3-20756

  • The induction of central-peripheral distal axonopathy in hens singly dosed with some organophosphorus (OP) compounds, such as di-n-butyl-2,2-dichlorovinyl phosphate (DBDCVP), requires greater than 80% organophosphorylation and subsequent intramolecular rearrangement ("aging") of a protein [neuropathy target esterase (NTE)] in the axon [3].
  • Suprathreshold biochemical reaction, 24 h after dosing with DBDCVP (0.75-1.00 mg/kg s.c.), is shown to be associated with progressive decrement of retrograde axonal transport in sensory and motor fibers [3].

Anatomical context of AI3-20756


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