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Neurologic Manifestations

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Gene context of Neurologic Manifestations

  • CONCLUSIONS: These preliminary findings suggest that possession of an APOE epsilon4 allele may be associated with increased severity of chronic neurologic deficits in high-exposure boxers [32].
  • Because of the severe cartilage overgrowth observed in some patients with CINCA syndrome and the implications of polymorphonuclear cell infiltration in the cutaneous and neurological manifestations of this syndrome, the tissue-specific expression of CIAS1 was evaluated [33].
  • In two unrelated patients suffering from severe type I hyperprolinemia with neurological manifestations, we identified a homozygous L441P PRODH mutation, associated with a heterozygous R453C substitution in one patient [34].
  • HIP1(-/-) mice developed into adulthood, did not develop overt neurologic symptoms in the first year of life, and had normal peripheral blood counts [35].
  • Subjecting the Gcdh-/- mice to a metabolic stress, which often precipitates an encephalopathic crisis and the development of dystonia in GA-I patients, failed to have any neurologic effect on the mice [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Neurologic Manifestations


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