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Gene Review

SMC4  -  structural maintenance of chromosomes 4

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CAP-C, CAPC, Chromosome-associated polypeptide C, SMC protein 4, SMC-4, ...
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High impact information on SMC4

  • Cells depleted of Ca2+ and Mg2+ showed partially decondensed chromosomes and a loss of Topo II and ScII, but not hCAP-C and histones [1].
  • The hCAP-C/hCAP-E complex is the human ortholog of the Xenopus chromosome-associated protein (XCAP)-C/XCAP-E complex required for mitotic chromosome condensation [2].

Other interactions of SMC4

  • Based on the sequence conservation and mitotic chromosome localization, hCAP-C-hCAP-E was determined to be the human ortholog of the Xenopus SMC complex, XCAP-C-XCAP-E [3].


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