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Gene Review

cut3  -  condensin complex subunit Cut3

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

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Disease relevance of cut3


High impact information on cut3

  • Chromosome condensation requires condensin, which comprises five subunits [2].
  • A definitive defect of interphase is abolishment of Cds1 (a checkpoint kinase) activation in the presence of hydroxyurea in both cnd2-1 mutant cells and in cells where other condensin subunits have been genetically disrupted [2].
  • These results imply that condensin is not simply required for compaction, but plays a more complex role in chromosome architecture that is essential for mitotic and meiotic sister chromatid segregation [3].
  • To repress gene expression, MIX-1 acts in an X-chromosome complex that resembles the mitotic condensin complex yet lacks chromosome segregation function [3].
  • Condensin subunits tagged with GFP were observed to alter dramatically their localization during the cell cycle, enriched in the nucleus during mitosis, but cytoplasmic during other stages [4].

Biological context of cut3


Anatomical context of cut3


Other interactions of cut3


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cut3


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