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Gene Review

APC2  -  adenomatosis polyposis coli 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: APC-like, APCL, Adenomatous polyposis coli protein 2, Adenomatous polyposis coli protein-like
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High impact information on APC2

  • Like APC, APC2 regulates the formation of active betacatenin-Tcf complexes, as demonstrated using transient transcriptional activation assays in APC -/- colon carcinoma cells [1].
  • Tumour cell lines stably transfected with LEF1(DN) or APC2, or transiently transfected with short-interfering RNA (siRNA) against beta-catenin showed a significant downregulation of ascl2 [2].
  • This assay has been validated in a 96-well plate format and successfully implemented to identify novel small molecule compounds that potently inhibit APC2/APC11 ligase activity [3].
  • METHODS: Data of 215 patients treated with a high power argon plasma coagulation system in the upper gastrointestinal tract 04/2003-01/2004, using a VIO APC device (VIO 300 D with APC 2; Erbe Elektromedizin, Tübingen, Germany; pulsed argon plasma coagulation, 20-120W), were reviewed and analyzed [4].


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