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Gene Review

Gv1  -  Gross virus antigen 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Gv-1
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Disease relevance of Gv1

  • Genetic analysis of Gv1, a gene controlling transcription of endogenous murine polytropic proviruses [1].

High impact information on Gv1

  • This GIX-gp70 molecule is found on the thymocytes of some (GIX+) strains of mice, where its expression is controlled by two mendelian genes, Gv-1 and Gv-2 [2].
  • Previous recombination data involving the prototype GIX+ strain 129 indicated that the H-2 (chromosome 17) and Gv-1 loci are linked, at a distance of 36 units from one another [2].
  • Other previous recombination data, involving the GIX+ strain AKR, had indicated that the Gpd-1 (chromosome 4) and Gv-1 loci are linked at a distance of 19 units from one another [2].
  • Gv1 is a genetic locus that coordinately regulates the expression of multiple murine leukemia virus-related endogenous proviral sequences [1].

Biological context of Gv1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Gv1


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