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Gene Review

TMC2  -  transmembrane channel-like 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: C20orf145, Transmembrane channel-like protein 2, Transmembrane cochlear-expressed protein 2, UNQ907/PRO1928, dJ686C3.3
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High impact information on TMC2

  • TMC1 and TMC2 on chromosome 20p13 are members of a gene family predicted to encode transmembrane proteins [1].
  • Here we show that TMC-2 inhibited DP IV activity of CD26 immunoprecipitated from T cell lysates, and also inhibited proliferative responses of T cells to specific antigen or anti-CD3 antibody [2].
  • Because the effects of TMC-2 on T cells were reversible and it was not toxic at the concentrations used, TMC-2 may be a candidate novel therapeutic agent for rheumatoid arthritis [2].
  • These results suggest that modulation of CD45 PTPase activity might be responsible for functional suppression of T cells by TMC-2 [2].
  • To elucidate the mechanism of TMC-2 antiarthritic activity, we have studied its effects on T cell function [2].

Other interactions of TMC2

  • Previously we have identified a DP IV inhibitor, designated TMC-2, found in culture supernatant of Aspergillus oryzae [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TMC2


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