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Gene Review

TMC1  -  transmembrane channel-like 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DFNA36, DFNB11, DFNB7, Transmembrane channel-like protein 1, Transmembrane cochlear-expressed protein 1
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Disease relevance of TMC1


High impact information on TMC1


Chemical compound and disease context of TMC1

  • TMC-1 A, B, C and D, new antibiotics of the manumycin group produced by Streptomyces sp. Taxonomy, production, isolation, physico-chemical properties, structure elucidation and biological properties [2].

Biological context of TMC1


Anatomical context of TMC1


Associations of TMC1 with chemical compounds

  • We report observations, for the first time, of the 2(0) - 1(0)A+ and E, 2(-1) - 1(-1) E, and 1(0) - 0(0)A+ lines of methanol (CH3OH) in three dark cold clouds, TMC1, L134N, and B335 [11].
  • This is significantly greater than the observed abundance of CH3CN (methyl cyanide) in TMC-1 [12].
  • We derive total column densities of approximately 2.6 x 10(13) cm-2 and approximately 7.0 x 10(12) cm-2 at the SO peak of L134N and at the NH3 peak of TMC 1, respectively [13].
  • The fractional abundance of ketene is comparable to the predictions of ion-molecule chemistry, while that of thioformaldehyde in TMC-1 is one to two orders of magnitude greater than that expected from such models at steady state [14].
  • Tricarbon monoxide in TMC-1 [15].

Other interactions of TMC1

  • Our results indicate that TMC1 mutations account for at least 6% (4/65) of ARNSHL in GJB2-negative Turkish families from the northeast and east of Turkey [16].
  • Dominant mutations of transmembrane channel-like gene 1 (TMC1) cause progressive sensorineural hearing loss in humans and Beethoven (Tmc1Bth/+) mice [9].
  • We have determined the cDNA sequence and genomic structure of a novel cochlear-expressed gene, ZNF216, that maps to the DFNB7/11 interval [17].
  • Refining the DFNB7-DFNB11 deafness locus using intragenic polymorphisms in a novel gene, TMEM2 [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TMC1

  • Using a radiation hybrid map, we have determined the correct marker order in the DFNB7/11 region and have demonstrated that the DFNB11 locus resides within a redefined DFNB7 interval [5].


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