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Gene Review

dnaK  -  molecular chaperone DnaK

Brucella melitensis bv. 1 str. 16M

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Disease relevance of dnaK

  • These results indicate that both PCR-RFLP and Southern blot analysis of the dnaK locus can be used to distinguish B. melitensis strains from the other Brucella species and may be useful for typing and diagnostic purposes as well [1].

High impact information on dnaK


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of dnaK

  • Southern blot analysis of whole genomic DNA digested with EcoRV and with the dnaK gene used as probe also detected a distinct pattern for B. melitensis [1].
  • The dnaK gene and surrounding sequences from reference strains of the six Brucella species were amplified by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with primers chosen according to the published sequence of the B. ovis dnaK gene and studied for polymorphism with nine restriction endonucleases [1].


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