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Gene Review

CNA1  -  cornea plana 1 (autosomal dominant)

Homo sapiens

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High impact information on CNA1

  • Haploid cells containing a single cna1 or cna2 null mutation, or both mutations, were viable [1].
  • We recently assigned a CNA2 locus to a region on chromosome 12 by linkage analysis and excluded linkage to that locus in two Finnish CNA1 families [2].
  • By this approach, we have readily disrupted the genes encoding a MAPK homolog (CPK1), the calcineurin A catalytic subunit (CNA1), and a G protein alpha subunit (GPA1) [3].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These results, combined with previous genetic linkage studies, identifies a 3-cM region located between microsatellite markers D12S82 and D12S351 that is likely to contain a gene responsible for CNA1 [4].


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