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Gene Review

S273R  -  pS273R

African swine fever virus

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Disease relevance of S273R

  • The virus gene S273R encodes a 31-kDa protein that contains a "core domain" with the conserved catalytic residues characteristic of SUMO-1-specific proteases and the adenovirus protease [1].
  • Protein pS273R is expressed late after infection and is localized in the cytoplasmic viral factories, where it is found associated with virus precursors and mature virions [1].

High impact information on S273R

  • Using a COS cell expression system, it was found that protein pS273R is capable of cleaving the viral polyproteins pp62 and pp220 in a specific way giving rise to the same intermediates and mature products as those produced in ASFV-infected cells [1].
  • Furthermore, protein pS273R, like adenovirus protease and SUMO-1-specific enzymes, is a cysteine protease, because its activity is abolished by mutation of the predicted catalytic histidine and cysteine residues and is inhibited by sulfhydryl-blocking reagents [1].
  • Proteolytic processing of the polyprotein precursors is catalyzed by the viral proteinase pS273R, a cysteine proteinase that shares sequence similarity with the SUMO1-processing peptidases [2].


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