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Gene Review

ace-3  -  Protein ACE-3

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on ace-3

  • In contrast, ace-1 ace-2 ace-3 triple mutant animals are paralyzed and developmentally arrested; their embryonic development is relatively unimpaired, but they are unable to grow beyond the hatching stage [1].
  • The acetylcholinesterase genes of C. elegans: identification of a third gene (ace-3) and mosaic mapping of a synthetic lethal phenotype [1].
  • Based on the analysis of genetic mosaics, we conclude that in the absence of ace-2 and ace-3 function, the expression of ace-1(+) in muscle cells, but not in neurons, is essential for postembryonic viability [1].
  • The ace-2, ace-3 and ace-4 transcripts were found to be trans-spliced by both SL1 and SL2, although these genes are not included in typical operons [2].

Biological context of ace-3

  • This latter gene is expressed in all body-wall and vulval muscle cells (Culetto et al., 1999), whereas ace-2 is expressed almost exclusively in neurons. ace-3 and ace-4 genes are located in close proximity on chromosome II (Combes et al., 2000) [3].


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