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Gene Review

syp-1  -  Protein SYP-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on syp-1

  • Whereas our analysis suggests that the SC is required to stabilize pairing along the entire lengths of chromosomes, striking differences in peak pairing levels for opposite ends of chromosomes in syp-1 mutants reveal the existence of an additional mechanism that can promote local stabilization of pairing, independent of synapsis [1].
  • Early prophase nuclei undergo normal reorganization in syp-1 mutants, and chromosomes initially pair [1].
  • A severe reduction in crossing over together with evidence for accumulated recombination intermediates in syp-1 mutants indicate that initial pairing is not sufficient for completion of exchange and implicates the SC in promoting crossover recombination [1].

Biological context of syp-1

  • Persistence of polarized nuclear organization in syp-1 mutants suggests that SC polymerization may provide a motive force or signal that drives redispersal of chromosomes [1].


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