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Gene Review

ETV2  -  ets variant 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ER71, ETS translocation variant 2, ETSRP71, Ets-related protein 71
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High impact information on ETV2

  • ER81 and GABP alpha were present in most tissues of adult mice, whereas ER71 was restricted to testis [1].
  • GABP alpha, ER71, and ER81 recognized the common pentanucleotide DNA sequence 5'-CGGAA/T-3'. Although subtle differences were observed for nucleotide preferences flanking this pentanucleotide core, the overall similarity of the selected sequences was most striking [1].
  • Furthermore, two ER71 isoforms exist that differ by 22 N-terminal amino acids, but show no difference in DNA binding or transactivation [2].
  • Thus, TSGA may modulate the function of ER71 and thereby affect spermatogenesis as well as embryonic development [3].
  • Altogether, these data represent the first functional characterization of ER71, which may perform important functions in the developing and adult testis as well as in testicular germ cell tumorigenesis [4].


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