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Disease relevance of Spermatogenesis


Psychiatry related information on Spermatogenesis

  • There was a second period of Leydig cell secretory activity and increasing and peak plasma testosterone values in late winter/early summer which may be associated with copulation or the initiation of a new cycle of spermatogenesis [6].

High impact information on Spermatogenesis


Chemical compound and disease context of Spermatogenesis


Biological context of Spermatogenesis


Anatomical context of Spermatogenesis


Associations of Spermatogenesis with chemical compounds


Gene context of Spermatogenesis

  • Ccna1-/- males were sterile due to a block of spermatogenesis before the first meiotic division, whereas females were normal [30].
  • To investigate the role of Camk4 in spermatogenesis, we have generated mice with a targeted deletion of the gene Camk4 [22].
  • Motoneuron survival and spermiogenesis are severely compromised in the wobbler mouse, indicating that Vps54 has an essential role in these processes [7].
  • Expression of the X-inactivation-associated gene XIST during spermatogenesis [31].
  • Male Nhlh2-/- mice are microphallic, hypogonadal and infertile with alterations in circulating gonadotropins, a defect in spermatogenesis and a loss of instinctual male sexual behaviour [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Spermatogenesis


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