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Gene Review

Agr2  -  anterior gradient 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AG-2, Agr2h, Anterior gradient protein 2 homolog, Gob-4, Gob4, ...
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High impact information on Agr2

  • Three of the eight ivi proteins found showed sequence identity to known virulence factors involved in iron acquisition via an open reading frame (called pvdI) implicated in pyoverdine biosynthesis, membrane biogenesis (FtsY), and adhesion (Hag2) [1].
  • Two Atlantic salmon AG-2 mRNA transcripts, designated asAG-2/1 and asAG-2/2, were cloned, sequenced, and shown to be predominantly expressed in the gill, intestine, and brain of a healthy fish [2].
  • The deduced amino acid sequence is similar to the gene coding for the Xenopus laevis cement gland-specific XAG-2 [3].


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