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Gene Review

pop1  -  cullin 1 adaptor protein Pop1

Schizosaccharomyces pombe 972h-

Synonyms: SPBC2G2.18, ste16
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High impact information on pop1

  • The high ploidy phenotype in the pop1 mutant is dependent on the presence of the rum1+ gene, whereas the accumulation of Cdc18 is independent of Rum1 [1].
  • The pop1 mutation shows a synthetic lethal interaction with the temperature-sensitive cdc2 or cdc13 mutation [1].
  • By screening for sterile mutants that show increased ploidy, we have identified a new gene, pop1+, in mutants that become polyploid [1].
  • We show here that, despite their structural and functional similarities, the pop1 and pop2 genes fail to complement each other's deletion phenotypes, indicating that they perform non-redundant, but potentially interdependent, functions in proteolysis [2].


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