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Gene Review

SNORD80  -  small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 80

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: RNU100, U80, Z15
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High impact information on SNORD80

  • The U6 RNA intramolecular stem-loop (ISL) is a conserved component of the spliceosome, and contains an essential metal ion binding site centered between a protonated adenine, A79, and U80 [1].
  • Comparison of glucose control using U80 and U100 strength insulin [2].
  • Diuresis increased in the Ularitide-treated groups and the placebo group after onset of infusion and did not show any significant difference in the first 12 h collection period (U0: 576, U5: 514, U20: 500, U40: 360, U80: 158 ML/12h (Median), (p = 0.16)) [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SNORD80

  • FINDINGS: The results indicate that Ularitide does not reduce the incidence of mechanical renal replacement therapy compared with placebo-treated patients during the first 12 h of treatment (U0: 36 (20), U5: 35 (11), U20: 36 (9), U40: 28 (8), U80: 41 (12), (% (n) (p = 0.87)) [3].


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