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Gene Review

Zfp275  -  zinc finger protein 275

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 5430431L06Rik, AI593314, DXBay20, DXHXS52, DXPas8
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High impact information on Zfp275

  • Similarly, it is now clear that the T(X;16)16H X-autosome translocation breakpoint lies distal to the DXPas8 (St14-1) locus, narrowing the X-chromosome breakpoint down to a region flanked proximally by this marker and representing, as expected from previous data, the distal quarter of the Hprt-Ta subchromosomal span [1].
  • However, employing pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and genetic pedigree analysis of interspecific backcross progeny, we have found close linkage of a clone encoding a mouse homolog for human factor VIII-associated gene A (F8A) to DXPas8, thus revealing the first exception to conserved gene order between murine and human loci in the region [2].
  • Gabra3 and DXPas8 have been shown to be physically linked within a maximal distance of 1600 kb, DXPas8 and CamL1 within 750 kb, and CamL1 and Rsvp within 450 kb [3].

Biological context of Zfp275


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Zfp275


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