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Gene Review

IGHD3-3  -  immunoglobulin heavy diversity 3-3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DXP4, IGHD33
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High impact information on IGHD3-3

  • A strikingly similar H-chain CDR3 region that contained a single reading frame of the DXP4 DH gene segment, and N-encoded proline at the DH/JH boundary, and a tyrosine-rich region encoded by the JH6 gene segment was observed in four CLL-AIHA cases [1].
  • The rearranged 51p1 genes expressed by CLL B cells have a distinctive use of D segments D3-3/DXP4 and D3-10/DXP'1, a favored use of J(H)6, and a longer third complementarity-determining region than the rearranged Ig genes used by CLL B cells that express V(H)1 genes other than V(H)1-69 [2].
  • A computer-based search in previously published and/or submitted to GenBank bcl-1/JH junctional sequences identified homology to D genes in 1/4 MCL tumour samples and 1/4 MCl cell lines; DXP4 or D23/7 and DHQ52 or D22/21 or DXP5, respectively [3].
  • Nucleotide sequence analysis of the variable domain of the mu chain indicated the utilization of the VH4 71.2 gene or one allotypic variant, DXP4 and JH3 segments [4].


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