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Gene Review

TRDV2  -  T cell receptor delta variable 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: MGC117421, hDV102S1
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High impact information on TRDV2

  • First genomic sequence of the human T-cell receptor delta 2 gene (TRDV2) [1].
  • T lymphocytes expressing the T-cell gamma delta receptor have been shown to express preferentially the T-cell receptor V9 gamma (TRGV9) gene, in association with the T-cell receptor V2 delta (TRDV2) gene [2].
  • Of interest is the presence of a characteristic decanucleotide AGGTGGT(T)GAG in the promoter regions of both the TRDV2 and TRGV9 genes [2].
  • In this paper, we report that the promoter regions of the TRDV2 and TRGV9 genes, which are preferentially expressed early in T-cell differentiation, display short direct repeats but no TATA box, in contrast to the V gamma genes belonging to subgroup I [2].
  • Maximum likelihood analysis of the region on Chromosome 14q11.2 containing the loci revealed two possible ancestral TCR alpha/delta variable segments, TRDV2 and TRAV1-1/ 1-2, respectively [3].

Biological context of TRDV2


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