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Gene Review

S100a1  -  S100 calcium binding protein A1

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: Protein S100-A1, S-100 protein alpha chain, S-100 protein subunit alpha, S100 calcium-binding protein A1
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High impact information on S100a1

  • As a first step in determining what cellular processes are regulated by the calcium-modulated protein S100A1 isoform in neurons, the effects of ablated S100A1 expression on neurite organization and microtubule/tubulin levels in PC12 cells were examined [1].
  • The giant myosin-associated twitchin kinase, a member of the Ca2+-regulated protein kinase superfamily, is activated by the EF-hand protein S100A1 in a Ca2+-dependent and Zn2+-enhanced manner [2].
  • The myocardial protein S100A1 plays a role in the maintenance of normal gene expression in the adult heart [3].


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