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Gene Review

slam  -  slow as molasses

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG9506, Dmel\CG9506, Slam, wdo
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High impact information on slam

  • Consistent with this phenotype, we found that slam is one of the earliest genes to be transcribed in the embryo, and Slam protein localizes to the growing basal-lateral membrane during blastoderm formation, but Slam is not detected during later stages of embryogenesis [1].
  • Our results suggest that developmental induction of Slam organizes the polarized growth of membrane via the recruitment of membrane-targeting proteins at adherens junctions [2].
  • RESULTS: In addition to previously characterized BS, Doc, F, G, I and Jockey elements, we have identified new non-LTR retrotransposons: Waldo, You and JuanDm [3].

Anatomical context of slam

  • Because slam RNA and protein are expressed earlier than the time when we observe defects in germ cell migration, we propose that Slam is required for the localization of a signal to the basal side of blastoderm cells that is needed later in the posterior midgut to guide germ cells [1].


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