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Gene Review

HIRA  -  histone cell cycle regulator

Gallus gallus

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Disease relevance of HIRA


High impact information on HIRA

  • We have cloned the chick homologue of HIRA and conducted in situ expression analysis in early chick embryos [1].
  • Hira is expressed in the developing neural plate, the neural tube, neural crest and the mesenchyme of the head and branchial arch structures [1].
  • Moreover, the WD dipeptide motifs and LXXLL motif of HIRA are essential for the interaction with CAF-1p48 and HDAC-2 in vivo [2].

Biological context of HIRA


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HIRA

  • The immunoprecipitation experiment involving truncated and missense mutants of HIRA and CAF-1p48 revealed not only that even one of seven WD dipeptide motifs in the N-terminal half of HIRA are necessary for the interaction with CAF-1p48, but also that those of CAF-1p48 are necessary for the interaction with HIRA [2].


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