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Gene Review

SAB0424  -  alpha-glucosidase

Staphylococcus aureus RF122

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Disease relevance of SAB0424


High impact information on SAB0424

  • Although a single addition of ascorbate was without effect, the effect of AA-2G was remarkably inhibited by the addition of castanospermine, an alpha-glucosidase inhibitor; and moreover, repeated additions of AsA to the culture medium during the culture period enhanced the response to the same level as did a single addition of AA-2G [2].
  • Castanospermine (CSP) inhibits alpha-glucosidase, which is involved in the initial step of N-linked oligosaccharide processing of secretory and membrane glycoproteins [1].
  • In addition, the enzyme alpha-glucosidase was present only in the methicillin resistant-multiresistant strains, in spite of their origin [3].


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