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Gene Review

in  -  inturned

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG16993, Dmel\CG16993, Protein inturned
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High impact information on in

  • Ciliogenesis defects in embryos lacking inturned or fuzzy function are associated with failure of planar cell polarity and Hedgehog signaling [1].
  • Finally, accumulation of Dishevelled and Inturned near the basal apparatus of cilia suggests that these proteins function in a common pathway with core PCP components to regulate ciliogenesis [1].
  • The nerve patterns formed in the mutants prickled, inturned, and frizzled, however, were largely normal, indicating that in these cases the polarity of the cuticular structures produced by the epithelial cells is altered without any effect on the polarity of the associated axons [2].
  • We found inturned, fuzzy, and multiple wing hairs were required for a gradient of frizzled, starry night, prickle, or spiny-legs expression to repolarize wing cells [3].
  • Interestingly, both increasing and decreasing the activity of frizzled and other upstream genes enhanced the phenotypes of hypomorphic inturned and fuzzy mutants [3].

Biological context of in

  • The phenotype however, differs from those seen previously, as the number of wing cells forming more than one hair is intermediate between that seen previously for typical frizzled-like or inturned-like mutations [4].
  • The Drosophila tissue polarity gene inturned functions prior to wing hair morphogenesis in the regulation of hair polarity and number [5].


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