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Gene Review

tRNA-Tyr  - 

Arabidopsis thaliana

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High impact information on tRNA-Tyr

  • To determine whether plant pre-tRNA introns have any specific structural and/or sequence feature we have cloned two intron-containing tRNATyr genes from the plant Arabidopsis [1].
  • In contrast, a mutation in PAUSED (PSD), the Arabidopsis ortholog of the tRNA export receptor, Exportin-t, interfered with the processing of tRNA-Tyr but did not affect the accumulation or nuclear export of miRNAs [2].
  • Three tRNA genes have been isolated from a genomic library of Arabidopsis thaliana: a tRNASer (GCU), a tRNATyr (GUA) and a tRNAGlu (UUC) genes [3].
  • Extensive sequence comparisons of the Arabidopsis thaliana mitochondrial sequence containing the three tRNA genes and the corresponding region from maize and soybean mitochondria have shown evidence that the tRNA Tyr gene has been generated from a mitochondrial tRNAPhe gene [3].
  • We show here that this tRNATyr gene sequence is present in several copies in the mitochondrial genome of A. thaliana [4].

Biological context of tRNA-Tyr

  • The tRNATyr gene shows a particular high sequence similarity with the mitochondrial tRNAPhe pseudogene from maize, and both genes are flanked by a tRNASer gene in the upstream region [3].


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