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Gene Review

GAL4  -  Gal 4

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on GAL4

  • Nucleosomes containing one or five GAL4 binding sites were reconstituted with hypoacetylated or hyperacetylated core histones [1].
  • HSF exhibits the properties of a transcriptional activator, as judged from the stimulatory activity of transiently overexpressed HSF3 measured by using a heat shock element-containing reporter construct and as independently assayed by the activity of a chimeric GAL4-HSF3 protein on a GAL4 reporter construct [2].
  • In contrast, mutation of Ser471 to a phosphorylation mimetic aspartate residue impaired REL's transforming ability, even though it increased REL's inherent transactivation ability as a GAL4-fusion protein [3].
  • C-terminal domains of SOX21 and SOX14 proteins function as strong and weak repression domains, respectively, when linked to the GAL4 DNA binding domain [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GAL4

  • Functional dissection of AP-1 transcription factors using the Gal4 adaptor assay [5].


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