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Gene Review

luzp1  -  leucine zipper protein 1

Xenopus laevis

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High impact information on luzp1

  • We also injected leucine zipper peptides individually into Xenopus oocytes to study whether they would interfere with the activity of the Fos/Jun heterodimer in vivo [1].
  • A long open reading frame (ORF) encodes the CCHC motif conserved in retroviral gag proteins and leucine zipper motif capable of forming the coiled-coil [2].
  • The human SOX13 gene spans >15.5kb of genomic DNA and is composed of 14 exons with introns interrupting regions encoding the HMG DNA binding domain and the leucine zipper/glutamine-rich dimerisation domain [3].
  • A similar role has been reported for the proto-oncogene c-myc, another leucine-zipper-containing transcription factor, in tissue culture cell systems [4].
  • The protein sequence deduced from the cDNA, contains the two characteristic features of EF-1 delta protein, the leucine-zipper domain and the guanine-nucleotide exchange domain [5].

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