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Gene Review

ABDF  -  Abdominal fat weight

Sus scrofa

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High impact information on ABF

  • The day prior to slaughter, five persons scanned 45 pigs, 32 sheep and 18 cattle at the last rib using an A-mode Ithaco Model 731AM101 body composition meter (ABF) and a Johnson and Johnson Ultrasound 210DX B-mode scanner fitted with a 3.0 MHz probe [1].
  • The performance traits analyzed were average daily gain (ADG) and backfat adjusted to 105 kg (ABF) [2].
  • Rank correlations between contemporary group deviations and RAM estimates of EPD for ADG and ABF were .53 and .41, respectively [2].

Other interactions of ABF

  • The methods used to rank boars were: 1) individual record (ADG, ABF), 2) individual record deviated from the contemporary group mean, and 3/4) individual record plus performance of relatives (including/excluding reference boars) using expected progeny differences (EPD) estimated from a reduced animal model (RAM) statistical procedure [2].
  • Growth and carcass traits analyzed included days to 114 kg (D114), ADG, backfat adjusted to 114 kg (ABF), LM area adjusted to 114 kg and predicted percent lean (PPL) [3].


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