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Gene Review

HPD  -  4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase

Bos taurus

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High impact information on HPD

  • We have characterized mutations in the HPD motif of the synaptic vesicle protein cysteine-string protein (Csp) [1].
  • Thus, the HPD motif of Csp is required for binding to Hsc70 [1].
  • The conserved tripeptide, HPD, present in all J domains has been shown to be important for the interaction between yeast and bacterial DnaJ/Hsp70 protein pairs [1].
  • Cultured cells showed dose dependent sensitivity to both unactivated HPD and phycocyanin with minimal cytotoxicity (less than 20%) at concentrations below 0.5 and 50 micrograms/ml, respectively [2].


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