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Gene Review

HSPA1A  -  heat shock 70kDa protein 1A

Bos taurus

Synonyms: HSP70-1, HSPA1
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Disease relevance of HSPA1A


High impact information on HSPA1A

  • We propose a mechanism for the regulation of eukaryotic Hsc70 that is distinct from that of bacterial Hsp70 [4].
  • In conjunction with hsp70, DnaJ proteins catalyse protein folding, protein transport across membranes and the selective disruption of protein-protein interactions [5].
  • Here we show that HSP 70 binds to the surface of antigen presenting cells by a mechanism with the characteristics of a saturable receptor system [6].
  • Neither S-nitrosation of caspase-3 nor induction of Hsp70 appeared to play a significant role in the antiapoptotic mechanism of *NO in oxLDL-induced endothelial apoptosis [7].
  • Hsp70 is a multifunctional molecular chaperone whose interactions with protein substrates are regulated by ATP hydrolysis and ADP-ATP exchange [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of HSPA1A


Biological context of HSPA1A


Anatomical context of HSPA1A

  • These carbamylated proteins were shown to have similar focusing mobilities to the Hsp70 isoforms isolated from bovine skeletal muscle [15].
  • The 70-kDa heat-shock protein (Hsp70) has been cloned and sequenced from bovine cardiac muscle [1].
  • In the presence of ATP, bovine brain hsp70 has been shown to remove clathrin from bovine brain clathrin-coated vesicles in a rapid stoichiometric initial burst followed by slow steady-state uncoating [16].
  • Recently it has been demonstrated that heat shock protein 70 (hsp70) is induced in pancreatic islet cells during prolonged exposure to interleukin 1 beta (IL-1 beta) [17].
  • The ability of hsp70 isoenzymes from wild-type and mutant yeast strains to uncoat bovine brain coated vesicles was analyzed and compared with that of the brain uncoating ATPase [18].

Associations of HSPA1A with chemical compounds

  • During the reaction, Hsp70 formed an acid-labile autophosphorylated intermediate, and nucleoside diphosphate-dependent dephosphorylation of the latter then occurred [8].
  • These properties of Hsp70 are not identical but similar to those of NDP kinase, but are not similar to those of adenylate kinase and ATP synthase [8].
  • To assess the role for hsp70 in isolated islets exposed to IL-1 beta, hsp70 was purified and introduced into cells of isolated rat pancreatic islets via the liposome technique [17].
  • Our research with rats demonstrates for the first time that administration of exogeneous Hsp70 before and after LPS challenges can reduce mortality rates and modify several parameters of hemostasis and hemodynamics [10].
  • Western blots determined the relative accumulation of Hsp70 in urea soluble lens fractions [11].

Regulatory relationships of HSPA1A

  • In Dex-treated cultures subjected to heat shock, hsc70 antisense RNA blocked the induction of hsp70, indicating that newly synthesized RNA was targeted effectively before it became translationally active [19].

Other interactions of HSPA1A


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HSPA1A


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