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Gene Review

PFDN1  -  prefoldin subunit 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: PDF, PFD1, Prefoldin subunit 1
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Disease relevance of PFDN1

  • No significant differences in peritonitis-free interval or peritonitis rate could be attributed to the prescribed PDF [1].

High impact information on PFDN1

  • Deletion of the gene encoding a prefoldin subunit in S. cerevisiae results in a phenotype similar to those found when c-cpn is mutated, namely impaired functions of the actin and tubulin-based cytoskeleton [2].
  • Cromoglycate treatment also completely prevented PDF-induced omental adhesions to the catheter tip (P = 0.0002) [3].
  • Data strongly support the hypothesis that mast cells mediate PDF-induced omental tissue remodeling and, subsequently, peritoneal cell influx and adhesion formation, providing therapeutic possibilities of modulating omental function [3].


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