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Gene Review

SNORD20  -  small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 20

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: RNU20, U20
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High impact information on SNORD20

  • U20 RNA contains an extended region (21 nucleotides) of perfect complementarity with a phylogenetically conserved sequence in 18S rRNA [1].
  • In mammals, U20 RNA is an 80-nucleotide-long, metabolically stable species, present at about 7 x 10(3) molecules per exponentially growing HeLa cell [1].
  • We specifically propose that residues C75, U20 and C21 form the basis of the catalytic region and are close to the cleavable phosphate [2].
  • NMR data indicate that the structure of a mutant having G20 changed to U20 is nearly identical with that of the normal sequence, suggesting that the low aminoacylation activity of this variant is not due to a substantially different conformation [3].


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