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Gene Review

TRU-TCA1-1  -  transfer RNA-SeC (TCA) 1-1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: TRNAU1, TRSP, tRNA(Sec)
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Disease relevance of TRSP


High impact information on TRSP

  • Regional localization of the selenocysteine tRNA gene (TRSP) on human chromosome 19 [2].
  • The human selenocysteine tRNA gene (TRSP) has been localized on chromosome 19q13.2-->q13.3 by in situ hybridization and ordered with respect to other genes and anonymous DNA markers in this region by linkage analysis in the forty CEPH pedigrees [2].
  • The order of the loci is cen ... D19S7-D19S9-D19S47-CYP2A-CYP2F1-APOC2++ +-(TRSP, CKM) [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TRSP

  • Preoperative examinations included intravenous urography (IVU), transrectal sonography of the prostate (TRSP), cystometry, uroflowmetry, and urethral pressure profilometry (UPP) [1].


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