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Gene Review

PCGF2  -  polycomb group ring finger 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DNA-binding protein Mel-18, MEL-18, MEL18, Polycomb group RING finger protein 2, RING finger protein 110, ...
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High impact information on PCGF2

  • Up- or downregulation of MEL18 was paralleled by loss or gain of activated NFkappaB, which suggests that NFkappaB may regulate expression of this protein [1].
  • Rnf110 and Phc2 are shown to be components of mammalian PcG multimeric complexes in HeLa cells [2].
  • Rnf110 and Phc2 mutations impair development of PP anlagen by affecting proliferation of lymphoid lineage cells populated in PP anlagen in gene-dosage dependent manner [2].
  • Furthermore, at least three PcG genes, Bmi1, Rae28, and Mel18, appear to regulate self-renewal of specific stem cell types suggesting a link between the maintenance of cellular homeostasis and tumorigenesis [3].


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